Context & history

Since the academic year 2014-2015, a strategic partnership between Kajaani UAS and Howest has been established. It was a great opportunity for both Nursing Departments from KAMK and Howest to share their expertise in innovating teaching strategies.

In 2015, four students took part in the International Intensive Course in Evidence Based Practice. It was an international “winter course” with a variety of learning activities (e.g. workshops, intensive casework, poster presentations,…) and some winter outdoor activities as well (e.g. ice swimming, winter BBQ, husky safari,…). There was even a sun eclipse!

Anyhow, this winter course was a very successful edition, and since then, each year, the Howest Nursing Department has a selected delegation of students (and teachers) who attend the Intensive Course in Kajaani during wintertime.

Season School

Last academic year, in KAMK, the idea came up to organize a summer school about elderly care. For the Howest Nursing Department, it was a big honor to be invited as a partner for this project. Immediately, we decided to alternate between Bruges (Howest) and Finland (KAMK):

Summer Edition

at Howest (25-29th June, 2018)

Winter Edition

at KAMK (February, 2019)

For that reason, we decided not to call it a summer or winter school, but a season school. It combines innovative education and playful learning with recreational activities in the best parts of Kajaani during wintertime and in the best parts of Bruges during summertime. We hope to make any event an unforgettable experience!

Course Structure and Teaching Methods

Based on a blended learning and playful learning methodology, the course starts with a pre-reading assignment, followed by key theories, tools and concepts within the framework of creative solutions for aging populations and their informal caregivers.

You will learn how to analyze and develop solutions to some of the great healthcare challenges of our time under the guidance of leading experts and practitioners from Kajaani University of Applied Sciences (Finland), Howest University College of West-Flanders (Bruges, Belgium) and other (inter)national healthcare organizations.

The following 1-week on campus course includes intense group and case work. As part of the final assessment, a poster presentation on Friday is included. The program, as presented below, is subject to changes.

Target group

This Season School is open for students, teachers and professionals in the field of Nursing and other health-related areas (such as Occupational Therapy, Applied Psychology, Applied Health Sciences, Public Health, Social Work, Psychomotor Therapy).

Preliminary schedule


Teija Ravelin

creative interventions

Minna Hökkä

green care

Herlinde Dely

informal caregiving

Veerle Coupez

elderly care, end of life care, ethics

Wouter Decock

introduction, key theories, tools and concepts

Evaluation and credits (for students)

On the Friday, there will be a poster presentation, prepared by mixed teams of students and assessed by the teachers. Students can pass or fail, based on defined evaluation criteria for the preparatory work, the contribution during the event and the poster presentation.

Successful contribution in this Season School will result in the award of 3 ECTS (for Howest students) and 5 ECTS (for KAMK students). The study load and the expectations are different for Howest and KAMK students.

Please check the detailed expectations and evaluation criteria with your international coordinator.

Application Procedure (for students, teachers and professionals)

Deadline for registration is Thursday 31th May 2018.

Register now!

Abstract submission

For teachers and/or professionals, there is the possibility to contribute by giving a presentation related to the three main topics in this Season School. The abstract should contain a brief overview of your project in a maximum of 300 words.

Deadline for submission: 27th April 2018 (by e-mail to

Tuition Fee

Students and teachers

For international students and for teachers who contribute by giving a presentation or a workshop, there is no tuition fee.


For professionals who like to attend without contributing, the price is 300 euros (whole week).


In case you want to participate, please register online. Registration deadline is 31th May 2018.

Register now!

There is no possibility to get a refund of your tuition fee, so please make sure you have considered your participation very well.
You can register until 31th May 2018.

Accommodation and travel costs

All participants have to manage their own accommodation and travel costs. Possibilities for accommodation are:

We will ask the Nursing students from Howest – especially those who will be attending the Season School – if they are willing to host the foreign students.


The Summer Edition of the Season School (June, 2018) will take place in Howest, campus Rijselstraat.

Address: Rijselstraat 5, 8000 Bruges (Belgium).

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